Thursday, May 21, 2015

Results Out!

It was a summer evening, 11th March 2015. The evening started off as usual with u-torrent and facebook, with the fear in mind that the GATE 2015 results would be declared the following day. I thought of making a cup of coffee, chilled coffee!!. Just when I was about to pour some milk, the phone began to ring. It was a friend of mine who had helped me with my preparation till the day of the exam! The only thing I could hear was "Result's out" before my phone barged its charge into grave.

I quickly opened a new tab and tried to open the GATE site which to my amusement was simply stating 'Server Down'. I refreshed and refreshed till I understood, it was late. I sat there for a while thinking about what should or perhaps could be my AIR? Will I make it to any of the IITs? I almost forgot to refresh, when a sudden 'ping' sound came from the facebook tab aside, a message had arrived "Open the page, quick.. the site's back". I refreshed the gate page and ya it was working.

I had my username-password already saved, so my gate result was just a click away. The sudden thought that my future lies in that one 'Login' click gave me chills, much like the unprepared coffee. I clicked the 'Login' button.. a small circular 'loading' message was being shown near the address bar. The page opened.

Ya!, I was in my results page and I remember clearly that I started to look for my rank, I remember the flash of the two digits, 28.. a moment I will never forget. I called my parents and "Phew!!" it was something, something I worked hard for!!.

It has been more than two months since then and the admission process is at its end stage. I got direct offers based on my gate score from IISc Bangalore and IIT Bombay, the only two institutes I had applied for. Finally decided to go with IIT Bombay CSE!!.. less than two months to go and am off to Powai..

For Gate aspirants, the only thing I can say is learn your concepts well and practice hard!..

Thursday, January 19, 2012

PacBot Answers 1.0.1


Ever thought of getting an answer to all your questions? Well now's the time!..
With PacBot Answers 1.0.1 you can get every single answer. Strange? Think again!! is it possible? Well no, just joking! :P
The program is a prankware. Scare your friends and families when they see that Pacbot answers every single question you ask..The trick is simple and it isn't easy to guess!
Try it and have fun! - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily!

Now getting to the main part!..downloading it:
  • To have the program on your computer download the zip file from any of the following sites: - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily!

    It is also listed in To see the review visit:

  • Unzip it and run the executable jar file(PacBot_Ans.jar). If you are using windows then simply double click it..

  • Do read the Info.txt before using the program as the secret(trick) is written in it. Info.txt file is located inside the Docs folder..

  • Have Fun!!....

Some screen shots:

The Main Window!..Press BEGIN!!...

Typing your question after the petition.....

The Answer from PacBot!!

Contact me if necessary!!

Any Suggestions? If you are a developer and you wan't to use the source code...umm!!..then do contact me!
Mail me at